Our Story

The Buildup

It all started about six years ago when Josh Carr Superstar started telling Doug and Cari they should date each other. Josh and Doug knew each other from high school and Josh and Cari knew each other from the time he married Cari’s sister. The conversations usually went something like this: “Hey, you should meet my friend Doug. You guys would get along really well” or “Doug, we should be related. I have this one sister-in-law you could probably marry.”

Take One

However, the time was never right. Doug was always away at school and when he was in town, Cari was routinely recovering from some broken heart. Then the stars aligned. Doug and Cari went on a date and it was good. They continued to go on good dates for about two months but then things just fizzled.

Take Two

For the next two months, Doug and Cari didn’t talk much. Then one fateful day, Valentine’s Day to be exact, Doug sent Cari a beautiful bouquet to her work. The gesture was far too cute for Cari to resist, so they went out that night and it was great. They continued to go on great dates for about 9 months.

And now we’re getting married!