Our Europe Trip: Venice Part 1

Day 8: Venice

On Sunday morning, we hopped on our only paid bus trip in Berlin (which I think we could have gotten for free, too). We flew from Berlin to Zurich then to Venice. Zurich looked so beautiful; I wanted to stay. The airport was right in the middle of a cute little village. It was all green with hills everywhere. But Rick Steve’s Best of Europe doesn’t say anything about it, so I guess there are only banks in Zurich.

From the airport in Venice, we had to take a water bus out to the island. We waited in this weird “bus stop” on the water that was being pushed all over by the choppy water, making us sufficiently sick by the time we got on the boat. Our boat/bus trip to the island was about an hour – way too long for me.

It was really foggy that day, so we couldn’t really see anything from the boat except the faint outline of the city.

As we walked to our hotel, it felt like we were taking sketchy back allies, but it turns out that’s how all the streets are in Venice. “Big” streets are about 10 feet wide and the small ones are about 3 feet wide and they’re all cobblestone. Our hotel ended up being in a cute little square, not far from St. Mark’s Square. Our hotel was a newly renovated hotel from the 1600’s – CRAZY! The whole hotel only had six rooms.

After we got over our sea sickness, we hit the streets. As we walked into our first square (not anything special in Venice, mind you), my eyes started welling up. It was so beautiful, my heart couldn’t even handle it. I had a similar experience in Paris, but for some reason, it was way more powerful here.

We walked over the Rialto Bridge and took some pictures. Again, so gorgeous, I can’t even stand thinking about it. After crossing the bridge and finding a cute little neighborhood our concierge suggested, we went on a search for pizza.

We found a cute little restaurant where we were serenaded by a little band with 2 accordions, a violin, and a guitar. It was so magical. Then we had to wander back through the streets to our hotel. We got totally lost, of course. You never know what streets are going to end at a canal or become creepy dead-ends. We made it, though, so don’t worry.