Our Europe Trip: Berlin Part 1

Day 6: Berlin

Berlin was way different than everywhere else we went. Everything in London and Paris could be dated back at least a couple hundred years, but Berlin was mostly new. With WWI, WWII, and the Cold War, most of Berlin had been destroyed.

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with Berlin when we first got there. We had just left

Paris, which was breathtaking at every turn. Then we show up in Berlin, which seems to be trying to put itself back together.

It was super interesting to see what they decided to rebuild and what still shows evidence of war. They’ve rebuilt the palace, which is on Museum Island, across the street from the Berlin Cathedral, which has either been blackened by war or pollution. Either way, it’s super dirty. But the palace can’t be compaired to any of the other palaces we saw in Paris or London. Everything was way more toned down and practical. I guess Germans don’t want to be too showy.

When we first got to the airport, we were super confused. There was no security, no customs, and seemed mostly disorganized. We knew what bus we had to take into town – Alexander Platz – but had no idea how to buy tickets. We went to the info window where the worker, obviously annoyed, told us to get tickets on the bus. We quickly hopped on a bus only to find there was nowhere to pay for a ticket and none of the other riders seemed to be concerned about this. So we rode for free and continued to ride for free on all the buses and trams while in Berlin, until our final tram ride back to the airport when we happened to get on a tram that had a ticket machine. We’ll just say that Berlin has free public transportation.

Our first day there, we did our usual trick of just walking around they city. Berlin slowly started to grow on me (Doug was in love the whole time – he said it was the one city we visited where he could see himself living). We found our way to the Brandenburg Gate in Pariser Platz. There was a light show happening all over the city, so the Brandenburg Gate and other buildings in the square had different images and video projected on them. It was super cool. Pariser Platz has such a cool vibe, both at night and during the day. It was always full of people and lively. On our [free] bus ride home, we were able to see the festival of lights taking place throughout the city. Very cool.